Some of our current projects being built.

The part completed models shown here give an idea of the range and types of models currently being constructed by members of our club. Whilst many of the models call for expertise and experience, much simpler and easier to build models are available for beginners. Please remember that every one of these experts was a raw beginner once, and that their skills and experience are readily available to anybody who needs help and advice.

Why not come and join us?

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Normally model submarines are made from GRP or moulded plastic, but this type VII German sub of W.W.2 is scratch built from wood planking. Superbly built, the drain apertures of the deck structure have called for many hours of patient and expert work.

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This is a German Schweres Sturmboot 42, (sometimes called a Stubo 42), from W.W.2. At a scale of 1/24th, it is 23 . 75inches in length. Mostly used in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, the Stubo 42 could reach speeds of up to 24knots. it operated with a crew of 4 and could carry up to 40 assault troops and their equipement.

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An uncommon model, this is a German Flugbetrieboot type BV otherwise known as an FL.B 511. It is an Air/Sea rescue and recovery boat and flying boat tender. It was operated with a crew of 1 officer and 9 seamen. It could reach speeds of up to 28 knots and fitted with 4 x 1.5cm flak guns could look after itself. As the war progressed, because of its formidable armament, it became used more and more as an escort vessel At a scale of 1/24th ithe model has a length of 45 . 25inches and displaces around 10 1/2 lbs.

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This is Portgarth, a 1/32nd scale modern Tug . It has a commercial GRP hull and is in the process being fitted out by having its Kort nozzles and propshafts fitted. The rear deck paper template and the fore deck support rail have also been fitted together with the steering servo. Each motor has independent throttles and they are powered by 12 volt gel batteries. The hull is 37ins long by 11.8ins wide.